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1. Lake Hoan Kiem (Hồ Hoàn Kiếm)

Hoan Kiem Lake where travelers and local Hanoi children gather.
Even if you walk slowly you can go around in about 40 minutes.

When visiting Hanoi it is convenient to see the map with this Hoan Kiem lake as a landmark!

In the evening it is lighted up and you can taste different atmosphere again!

Those who are interested in Hanoi 's weekend' s way to spend the evening go out around Hoan Kiem!


2. Tamayama shrine (Daiganji) Den Ngoc Son

Floating on Hoan Kiem LakeGockson IslandA temple built on a small island called.
It is located ahead of the red bridge across Hoan Kiem Lake.

I can see the legendary turtle!

I went to the Yushan shrine in Ko Ho Kiem Lake to meet the "legendary turtle" loved by Hanoi citizens!


3. Great Church of Hanoi (Saint Joseph's Church) Nhà Thờ Lớn

It is the largest church in Hanoi built over 100 years ago.
There are also stylish souvenir shops and cafés in the surrounding area!

Visit the state of Mass at the historic Christian church in Vietnam "Hanoi Great Church (Saint Joseph church)"!


4. Old Town and Dong Xuan Market

There are 36 streets in the old town.
Each street is divided into industries, each specialty shop has a row of eaves.

In the old city there is an indoor market where many wholesalers called Dongsuan Market gather.
It is the market that deals with the biggest daily necessities and clothing in Hanoi.

Although it is not for tourists much, shopping can be done inside.
There is a souvenir store in 1F.

As price always comes down, price negotiation please do.
(Negotiation is also one of the pleasure of traveling!)
If you are uneasy, night market will be good if you buy souvenirs!
Prices are written for night market and flat fee. I will not bear it.


5. Night Market (Old Town)

Night market to be held at the end of every week (Friday and Saturday).
The pedestrian zone will be from Han Dao Street in Old Town - Han River Street - Han Du Aung Street - Dongsuan Market.

A lot of people crowd from tourists to local children.
It is nice to be able to explore the Old Town on a night when the temperature went down!
You can also find many souvenirs.

Weekend night spent in Hanoi wandering around the weekend night market ♪


6. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (Lăng Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh)

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where the corpse of Vietnamese founding father "Ho Chi Minh" is placed.
You can observe the body lying in the glass case in the strictly guarded hall!
We only visit once in the morning.

Before Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum there is a beautiful Bardin square on the lawn.


7. Ho Chi Minh Museum (Bảo tàng Hồ Chí Minh)

Ho Chi Minh Museum just a short walk from Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
In the hall built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh's birth you can know the lifetime of Ho Chi Minh.

8. Ho Chi Minh's House (Nhà Sàn Bác Hồ)

It is a high floor style house where Ho Chi Min was living between 1954 and 1969.
You can see Ho Chi Min's study and bedroom.

This is also a short walk from Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

9. One pillar temple (Chùa Một Cột)

One of the historical monuments of Hanoi built in 1094.
It is a rare building that Buddhist temple built on one pillar.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - Ho Chi Minh Museum - One Pillar Temple is a sense of distance that can be surrounded on foot!

Ten. Thang Long Water Puppet Play

The water puppet theater known as Hanoi's traditional arts is quite fun just watching Vietnamese without knowing it.
It is strangely funny that the movement of the doll is comical.
Because there are times when the ticket is sold out, it is recommended to purchase tickets early on the day!
Apart from Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, there are also Vietnamese Water Puppet Theater and Lotus Water Puppet Theater.

11. World Heritage Site Thang Long Ruins (Di tích Hoàng Thành Thăng Long)

A group of ruins excavated in 2003.
It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.
It is the characteristic that the ruins of various era overlap in the place where the dynasties of Vietnam from 1010 to 1804 placed the capital.
The main gate is also the main gate and the D-67 (Operation Headquarters).
It is not a sightseeing spot that is honestly impressedBecause it is a World Heritage registered to UNESCO as a resultI will visit onceI think that is good.


12. Literary Temple (Confucius Temple)

It is the tourist attraction of Hanoi known as the academic god as it was the oldest university in Vietnam.

The Confucius statue is enshrined at the innermost Daizen, and the local people also visit the successful prayer.

Hanoi's sightseeing spot "Temple of Literature" is the oldest university ruins in Vietnam that enshrines Confucius


13. Vietnam military history museum and flag tower



Numerous fighter planes that can not be seen normally in Japan are displayed outside and inside the hall.

The flag tower on the site is part of the castle wall of the former Hanoi castle.
Bright red Vietnamese flag stand out! If it's just Flag Tower, you can climb it for free.

Hanoi's sightseeing spot "Vietnam military history museum" is spectacular, not military or history lovers!

14. Opera House (Nhà hát lớn Hà Nội)

Greek style theater built in 1911 during the French rule.
It is a luxurious French-style architecture completed over 11 years.
If there is no opera or concert ticket, you can not enter the hall but you can watch the exterior.
Let's touch the French colonial style!

You can check the performance schedule from the following site.

15. Lenin Park and Lenin statue

Lenin park spreading in front of Vietnam military history museum (flag tower).
It is a place for citizens to relax.
The statue of Lenin of the Soviet Union's first supreme leader is standing.

16. Trace of Hoa Lo camp

Part of the genuine prison made by France during the colonial era has been released.
The state of the time was displayed at a doll etc.

17. West Lake (Lake Thailand) · Temple of Seinjuku

Hanoi citizens healing spot West Lake.
On the northeastern side of West Lake there are fashionable shops and cafes, which are popular spots for foreign residents living in.

Located on the east side of the West Lake is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi City "Ginkokuji (Chinkakuji)"

It is drawn also on 100 dong bills.

18. Kyungnam Hanoi Landmark Tower (Landmark 72)

It is the tallest building in Vietnam built by Korean companies investing US $ 1.05 billion.
Since the observation deck overlooks Hanoi, we recommend you go on a sunny day!

The highest building in Vietnam! Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower (Landmark 72) has not only an observatory but also various spots that can be played

19. Toure Park (Hanoi Zoo)

Toure park with a small amusement park and a zoo.
Not only classic animals, but also rare animals such as Kuzoo.
The entrance fee is quite cheap so please go if you have time!

What is Hanoi Zoo with entrance fee of 50 yen? I went to a tourist spot along the Kimmer Street · Toure park


20. Lee Taito Park

Lee Taito Park on the east side of Hoan Kiem is
There is a big bronze statue of Vietnamese hero Lee Taito (Li Chen) who line up with Ho Chi Minh.
Many flowers are always on the statue, so you can see that Lee Taito is loved very much.

【Hanoi sightseeing spots】 "Lee Taito Park" stops while walking around Hoan Kiem Lake


twenty one. Long Bien Bridge

A 1700 m long iron bridge built in the French colonial period.
While being destroyed many times by the US military during the Vietnam War, it has been repaired and is still in use.

Although the bridge is getting old, from the way it is said that "the Eiffel Tower lying down".

【Hanoi sightseeing spot】 Even in the "Lombien Bridge" where you instantiate it, be careful when you go!

twenty two. Transit city 1000 mosaic mural

Mosaic art under the Long Bien bridge is the longest mosaic mural painting in the world registered also in Guinness.

Recently it is popular as an instant spot!
By the way, this mosaic mural painting tile seems to have been made with "Bachchan village" famous for pottery.

23. Old House Conservation Hall (87 Ma Mui House)

"House of Mamai" is a building that preserved the old houses of Vietnam.
It is located on Mamai Street in the Old Town with lots of shops.

It is a Chinese style traditional wooden town store built in late 1800.
In cooperation with French NGOs, we restored many times and became the present form.
It is a calm spot to feel the taste when entering into it and forget the hustle and bustle of the old city.

24. Vietnamese Art Museum

Various works ranging from the 11th century to the present day Vietnamese art are exhibited extensively.
There are also exhibits of pottery in the national costumes and annexes.

25. National Vietnamese History Museum

At the Vietnam National History Museum, we introduce various histories from ancient times to modern, along with a lot of exhibits and materials.

It is currently a museum, but originally it was built in 1932 as French Far East Academy.
I think that buildings incorporating Vietnamese and European styles are worth seeing just the exterior.

26. Vietnam Women's Museum

Founded by the Vietnam Women Association, the theme "Women" is the theme.

We divided into three themes "women's fashion" "women in history" "women at home"
I introduce Vietnamese women along with numerous photos and exhibits.

27. B52 Victory Museum

Remnants of B52 bombers destroyed during the Vietnam War and anti-aircraft missiles used by the Vietnamese Army are displayed outdoors.
Indoor exhibits such as war relics and pictures. It is a socialist country Vietnam-like museum.

【Hanoi sightseeing spots】 B52 victory museum Remnants of US military bombers that can only be seen in Vietnam

27. Kitamon Church (Quabac church)

The north gate church was a church built in 1933 during the French rule.

The appearance is a bright orange color. On the left is the highest bell tower in Hanoi.

28. Vietnamese Folk Museum

More than 15,000 different Vietnamese residences, living goods, costumes etc. are exhibited.
Large-sized exhibits such as a high floor warehouse are outstanding!
I understand that Vietnam is a multiethnic country.

29. Old Hanoi central post office (now Vietn Bank)

It was a valuable architecture built in the colonial period of France and used as a post office before, but now it is a bank.

The current post office in Hanoi is on the south side of Lake Hoan Kiem.


Article creation date: September 24, 2017
I added a picture of Old Town · Dong Xuan Market.
We added the daytime photos of the Lombien Bridge.
14. I added an opera house.
Added images of Ho Chi Minh's house, mosaic mural paintings, Tsinkokushiji images.
Added sights of 22 ~ 29.
Lee Taito Park, Lombien Bridge, Link of detailed article of B25 victory museum was added.

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